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A fashion & beauty online store, where we carefully select genuine, high-quality goods from all over the world.

We believe each corner of the Earth is filled with unique styles, ancient remedies, mesmerizing beauty and we've created this store to connect you to what's best in all of those places. We want to encourage you to test out different styles, try new makeups, skin care routines, and enjoy each second of being you. 


Our beginnings:

We created IMPAVID GIRL in April 2017, keeping in mind a few goals:

  • Connect women everywhere to beautiful items, that they normally could not get.
  • Celebrate different ideas of beauty and explore ways in which feminity shines across the globe.
  • Use the store to raise awareness for cruelty-free products as well as support shelters and charities that help all animals in need.
  • Support fair-trade and environment oriented companies, which both are everywhere yet do not have many opportunities to be introduced to the world. 


Our guarantees:

  • We cannot express enough, how much cruelty-free products mean to us. We guarantee our products are 100% animal-friendly and any brand that collaborates with us, will decide to abandon their animal-friendly ways, we will definitely part ways. 
  • 14 days money back - anything you purchase in our store can be returned within 14 days, for details on this, check our returns & refunds policy. 
  • If you find branded products here, such as cosmetics or fashion, you can be sure they are 100% original as we acquire our good directly from brands we're selling. 
  • We ship internationally! For more details, check our shipping policy.


Our name:

Why we choose name IMPAVID GIRL? We believe feminity takes root in being fearless to conquer any goal a woman sets up for herself, dedicated to a cause that will bring positive change, has a big heart, being a support for fellow women as well as cares for all lives, big and small.




We also have an ambassador program for pets, who will help us spread awareness of cruelty-free products as well as take part in activities supporting other animals in need. Do you want your pet in? Contact us at contact@impavidgirl.com.