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Skin type: Any 
Size: 100ml


  • 48 hours hydration clinic test completed
  • Proven by a skin moisture analyzer, the skin retains 15% more water after applying the cream
  • Moisturizing, vitality, pore care - all in one product
  • Oil free and non-sticky
  • Unique, soft texture and quick absorption
  • Oil control and deep pore care with a high-molecule-polyphenol type ingredient
  • Contains 77% cactus extract for brightening and moisturizing
  • Contains 33% naturally extracted ingredients, such as vinous liquor extract, persimmon leaf extract


How to use:  

  • Take an appropriate amount and apply to face for absorption



      Brand introduction:

      • April Skin is a natural skin-care cosmetic brand from South Korea
      • Established just two years ago, in 2014, it's taking over the beauty industry with natural, high-quality products. 
      • April Skin's products do not contain any irritants and are safe to any kind of skin. 



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