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Skin type: Any, dry
Size: 120ml


  • Ultra Moisture Toner, it contains natural coconut water providing the most moisturizing water.
  • Highly moisturizing, great for dry skin
  • Great for those who want a light and non-sticky application.


How to use: 

  • Soak cotton pads with the toner.
  • Wipe out skin impurities aviding the eye area pushing outward.
  • Gently press with palm so that the toner is well absorbed into the skin.


Brand introduction:

  • April Skin is a natural skin-care cosmetic brand from South Korea
  • Established just two years ago, in 2014, it's taking over the beauty industry with natural, high-quality products. 
  • April Skin's products do not contain any irritants and are safe to any kind of skin. 


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