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Skin type: Any, 
Size: 3gr



  • 2 colors: 1 Pink Beige, 2 Skin Beige
  • A brightener for a youthful face with the brightening effect to turn on the light in your face for the radiance of dull parts and vitality of depressed parts.
  • 40% moisture & hydrating ampoule! 40% “hydrating brightener”.
  • The ampoule base with moisturizing & hydrating formula provides a soft touch and finishes smoothly without visible dead skin cells and dryness to brighten your problem areas and define the face.
  • Cleans all flaws! “Highest Cover Formula”
  • Mixes ‘pixel cover powder’ for fine flaws and light-reflecting ‘skin clear powder’ in highest cover formula for flawless coverage of various blemishes to leave your skin perfectly flawless from every angle.
  • “ALL IN ONE Brightener for a perfectly youthful face”.
  • An all-in-one brightener that contains a highlighter, concealer, and base that applies easily to brighten the dark zone and covers blemishes.


    How to use:  

    •  Use as a highlighter to look more vivid and younger. C Zone: Highlight the C Zone from the end of eyebrows to the cheekbones to leave your skin radiant. T-Zone: Use on the T Zone from between the eyebrows to the ridge of the nose to make your nose more beautifully defined.Nasolabial folds: Apply on the depressed nasolabial folds to fill with plump volume.
    • Use as a concealer for cleanliness and vitality - Dark circles: Cover your eye areas and dark circles naturally for defined eyes. Redness under the nose: Cover and correct the nose area with excess redness with natural coverage. Lip line: Apply to cover the lips to help with crisp lines and vivid colors.


      Brand introduction:

      • ARITAUM (Korean: 아리따움) is a South Korea-based skincare and cosmetics manufacturer, retailer and a franchise business. It is part of Amorepacific Corporation, which is the first South Korean Cosmetic company that stoped animal testing. They are also leading company when it comes to using natural ingredients.
      • ARITAUM Creates a beautiful place for beautiful people.
      • ARITAUM creates the value of self-happiness in life and also the honest and meaning full value to the society.
      • ARITAUM not only focuses on quality products but also on beautiful relationships too.




      Made in: South Korea

      Shipped from: South Korea/Malaysia 

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